Weston Peick | Behind The Cover

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Ever wonder what goes into shooting a cover? Weston Peick graces the August cover of Transworld Motocross, and there was a fair amount of work that went into it. Three photographers—Donn Maeda, Michael Antonovich, and Casey Davis—all shot from different angles of Peick absolutely annihilating a berm that Milestone MX had made for us, just … [Read more…]

Troy Adamitis | MX Nation

Over the last decade or so, Troy Adamitis and his film crew have showed the world of professional motocross racing from a very interesting angle. With series-long productions like The Great Outdoors, Supercross: Behind The Dream, and Moto: Inside The Outdoors, viewers have been able to learn the backstory of riders that line up behind … [Read more…]

Reuters: Subaru Success Fueled By Marginalized Foreign Workers

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Reuters Investigates has a scathing report on foreign workers in Japan at some of Subaru’s most important suppliers. According to the news agency, due to the combination of a booming “Abenomics”, Japan’s 2010 asylum seeker program, and manufacturers looking for cheap sources of expendable labor, foreigners are taken advantage of and treated as second- and … [Read more…]