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TWMX Race Series Profile | Haruki Sagawa – Little Beast From The Far East


Haruki Sagawa

Age: 13

Hometown: Chiba, Japan

Sponsors: Yamaha, Enzo, HGS Exhaust, Shoei Helmets, Dunlop tires, Dragon Goggles, Troy Lee Designs

Young Haruki Sagawa and his mother have relocated from their home in Chiba, Japan, just outside of Tokyo, to Tustin, California, to pursue the American motocross dream. The Sagawa family are guests of Doug Dubach of Yamaha and DRD Racing fame, and young Haruki is benefitting from the guidance of the American motocross racing legend. Though he speaks a fair amount of English, we enlisted Dubach’s help to interview the youngster, who won the highly competitive Supermini class at round three of the West Coast Open, held last weekend at Cahuilla Creek MX.

Dubach: How are you doing in school in the United States?

Haruki: So difficult to learn English, so I’m not understanding English. So hard!

Dubach: How about fighting? Do you get in many fights at school?

Haruki: Yeah, sometimes. I have three detentions!

Dubach: He thinks detention is like an honor class, like “Oh! Lots of us get detention, it’s really cool!”

Maeda: Why did you get in a fight?

Haruki: Because, I’m so mad. (Laughs)

Dubach: He has a little temper; if somebody looks at him the wrong way he is ready to fight.


Maeda: How long have you been in the US?

Haruki: Seven months, I live here for now.

Dubach: We’ll see, maybe a couple of years. We’ll see how he does, if he doesn’t do well we are shipping him back to Japan! Haha!

Maeda: Why do you choose motocross? It is not popular in Japan like video games or cell phones…

Haruki: Oh I don’t know, I don’t have games.

Dubach: His mom bought him a motorcycle instead of an Atari.

Maeda: What do you like about the United States?

Haruki: Being close to the big track and I like the Monster girls! (Laughs)

Maeda: What are your goals this year? Will you go to Loretta Lynn’s?

Haruki: Yeah, Mammoth and Loretta Lynns.

Dubach: So far, he has qualified out of the area, regionals are coming up.

Maeda: Doug is your trainer?

Haruki: Yeah, such a good trainer!

Dubach: I paid him to say that! (Laughs)

Maeda: What’s your favorite thing about the United States besides motocross?

Haruki: I like girls and food, I like pizza!

Dubach: And taco tuesdays! He eats like 11 tacos!

Maeda: Does Doug make you train? Exercise?

Haruki: Yeah, mountain bike sometimes.

Dubach: He goes on his own too, he’s very diligent.

Maeda: Racing is bigger in the United States. What would you say about the TransWorld Motocross races?

Haruki: I like TransWorld Motocross, but sometimes so many guys, so it’s a good race for me to learn.


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Shot Race Gear | Available Now – New threads from France

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.37.37 PM

Shot MX Contact Gear

Price: $32.90 [jersey], $99.90 [pant], $26.90 [glove]

Sizes: S-XXL [jersey], 28-38 [pant], S-XL [glove]

What It Is

Shot MX is a 25-year-old apparel company from France that has enjoyed a lot of success throughout the European off-road market, and two of its moto lines are now available in the United States. The Contact line of Shot MX apparel is affordably priced and features all the accouterments you’d expect from high-end race gear.


We love the designs of the Shot MX gear as they are progressive and bold, while remaining clean and not over-designed.

The Contact pant relies largely on sublimated graphics and not sewn-on plastic parts for its design elements. Old-school fabric patches here and there are an awesome touch. The pants are super lightweight.

Pants run true-to-size and feature just the right amount of room in the knees for knee braces. A stretch panel in the rear of the pant provides the right amount of flex.

The Contact gloves feature palm padding and some protection on the knuckle side, but they break in quickly and are super comfortable.


The cut of the Contact jersey is a little on the baggy side, especially in the forearm area.

The Verdict

Shot MX is an exciting new player in the American motocross gear arena, and its first offerings are good looking, comfortable, and durable. Best of all, the lightweight gear is affordably priced and a great value.

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